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Retro Steam Punk

Very Unique Retro Jewelry

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Gifts for Nerds

Recycling retro and classic micro-chips as wearable geek jewelry. Earrings and Necklaces’ for Geeks and Nerds. 


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Space X Confirms Dragon Explosion

SpaceX has finally confirmed what we all suspected — its Dragon II spacecraft was totally destroyed during a test late last month. The admission c...

UV Solar News

Skyscrapers  could soon generate their own power thanks see through solar cells. A series of recent results points to a solution, he says: Turn the...

The First Nerd Jewel

I was attending UCF as undergraduate in the Computer Engineering department and working on my senior design project in 1993. Working with my colleg...

Retro Jewelry

The damaged 68000 microcontroller with UV erasable progarmmable memory was so cool, I made it into a necklace.