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Recycling retro and classic micro-chips as wearable geek jewelry. Earrings and Necklaces’ for Geeks and Nerds.  Nerd Jewels specializes in classic micro-chips from the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's. See with the naked eye up close. 

A Little Background

I was attending UCF as undergraduate in the Computer Engineering department and working on my senior design project in 1993.  Working with my college roommates Charles Fulks and Mike Olive on an Electric Vehicle Project in the  ASME department. 

At the time, it was the most incredible project that I had worked on and I was responsible for Low Power Electrical Measurements (The Electronic Dashboard) Speedometer, Electric Motor RPM, and Temperature. 

Advice from professors gave me the idea that we could cold call companies for help. The team called Florida Power and got a 200 hp electric motor donated to us on behalf of the UCF project. 

I called HP, Motorola, Intel and asked for help to get the sensors that I needed donated to the project. Motorola donated all three sensors and a micro-controller with 3 Analog to Digital inputs that I used to sample voltages and convert to binary numbers. 

Pseudo-Code was to take that value and convert it to HEX. Then send a signal to the LED rotating information. 

After writing over 3,000 lines of assembly language and bench testing in the lab, my last task was to package the ASM file onto the Motorola 68000 and deploy Hardware and Firmware in the working vehicle. Believe me, it was NOT a trivial task to complete. Unfortunately, I wired power to the wrong pin on the mother-board and I burnt the 68000 micro-controller (making it useless to the project).

The First Nerd Jewel : The damaged 68000 micro-controller with UV erasable programmable memory was so cool, I turned it into a necklace. 

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Sike42 Incorporated [US]

Sike42 is a technology company that specializes in Over The Top (OTT) development and online e-commerce. 

Integrating online shopping in platforms with Roku. 

Free Roku Channel  Calta-Vision 

Electric and Solar Power Technology and Recycling is part of our Mission Statement. Wise Reuse of Water and Other valuable resources. Please do something today for a better tomorrow.

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